∼The Common Good & The Golden Rule∼

 What Serves The Common Good of the Soul? The Soul of Our Nation,
Our Planet, and All Those Who Live Upon The Earth? ∼

Fractal31This site is an appeal to transform the vision of the Democratic Party to “The Democratic Party, Serving The Common Good.” The Common Good is a potent symbol that resonates deeply in the conscious and unconscious mind. As the political manifestation of The Golden Rule, it can focus people’s minds on the highest of ethics and move people’s souls to do what is right and good.

This site is also an appeal to US citizens to embrace our role as care-takers of other people, other species, and the planet Earth herself. The stakes have never been higher for people to get woke and stay woke! As psychopathic leaders with evil hearts spread horror throughout the nations, as the suffering of people and animals and the planet reach into the depths, as the threats of global war, nuclear destruction, and climate catastrophe worsen by the day, by the hour, we know in our hearts we must act dramatically and fast.

This movement will come from the top down and from the bottom up. From the top down, we will be guided by the The Common Good principle as our moral compass. From the bottom up, we will be organized by the most passionate of revolutionaries – ordinary caring citizens who know it’s past time to make a better nation and a better world.

Repeating the words “The Common Good” – The Golden Rule alive in politics every chance we get, and adding the phrase “Serving The Common Good” with every mention of The Democratic Party, will make the meme happen!

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Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers,” 1888

THE SUNFLOWER  Due to its abundant gifts to humanity, the Sunflower has been embraced by many cultures as a symbol of The Common Good. A nutritious staple food, Sunflowers were used by indigenous peoples in breads, snacks, cooking oils, and seeds for  their livestock and birds. Sunflowers were also a staple building item for houses and ships, and used when making art, crafts, jewelry, and clothing, and as a yellow, red, and brown dye, with the husk used as silk-like cloth and clay-like modeling material. Sunflowers were analgesic and anti-venom medicines for poisonous spider and snake bites. Today they are being studied as a diesel oil substitute, and mathematicians have noted in Sunflowers special Fibonacci patterns which are noted in art, architecture, mathematics, and music. Vincent Van Gogh thought it the most beautiful of flowers, painting them in thirteen of his masterpieces. Sunflowers have had spiritual uses, too, when for thousands of years, Native Americans have used them in spring rituals, observing the face of the young flowers as they moved, like a compass, towards the sun.

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  “No decisions should ever be made without asking – is this for The Common Good?”      Michael Moore, 2016, filmmaker and social critic

  “To see clearly what is visible in the political world, one has first to perceive what is in the soul. Then it is clear that justice is neither the right of the strong nor the advantage of the stronger, but the right of the best and The Common Good of the nation.” ∼      Plato, circa 360 BCE, philosopher